About Us

Symmetrical Solutions was founded in 2002 by Bob Dzialowski, Craig Ostovich, and Steve Nevinski to develop software designed to help non-profit member-oriented organizations efficiently and effectively manage their business operations to the end of helping these organizations strive toward growth and, subsequently, increased profitability as a result of improved member service and fundraising capabilities enabled through utilization of our products. While our current clientele is comprised of YMCA and YWCA organizations, our products will comprehensively serve the needs of many types of organizations, from Parks and Recreation Departments to Community Centers to Zoos, Clubs, and other program and member driven associations.

Symmetrical Solutions is committed to providing YMCAs and other community based organizations with the most innovative and cost effective software solutions available. Symmetrical’s goal is to expand its client base and services while at the same time maintaining the highest level of support and customer satisfaction available anywhere.

Our Mission

Symmetrical Solutions strives to provide a high quality, integrated software product and responsive support services to non-profit organizations with whom we share the same principles and core values (honesty, caring, responsibility, and respect), at a competitive price, enabling these organizations to successfully fulfill their mission to put their “principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.”

Our Philosophy

Our goal is neither to be the biggest company to provide software solutions to non-profit organizations nor to have the most clients in our fold; we instead endeavor to ensure that we offer our clients the strongest product quality and the highest level of attention and service possible. We know who we are. We’re not the biggest, but we want our clients to feel that we are the best to meet their needs through exceptional products and service provided.