Our Partners

Our clients enjoy the benefits of the cooperation of our partner companies which work hand in hand with Symmetrical Solutions in order to provide total, seamless integration of the Protivity software suite with their products. These partnerships, in turn, result in the provision of superior, efficient service to our clients and help our clients build their businesses and strengthen the operation of their organizations.


Symmetrical Solutions has teamed with ActivTrax to allow the staff members of our clients avoid the need to input redundant information into both Protivity and ActivTrax. Our software systems are integrated to allow revisions entered into Protivity to automatically update information within their ActivTrax database.


Symmetrical has been working with CNX since 2009 to expedite the development of the system wide web interface for Protivity. The Valence Web Application Framework for System i from CNX has been an essential tool in allowing Symmetrical to migrate the power of Protivity from a green screen look to a convenient, user-friendly browser interface.


The FitLinxx Data Integration utility works with Protivity to conveniently automatically update member information in the FitLinxx database based upon changes made by staff members in the Protivity system.

Hall Pass

Symmetrical Solutions has partnered with CompuData Solutions to integrate Protivity with Hall Pass software to compare visitor data against the Hall Pass proprietary sex offender registry database to increase facility security and to help our clients keep their members, especially children, safe from sexual predators.


Protivity utilizes all of the security, functionality, power, and cost effectiveness that IBM iSeries servers (powered by Apache, the most powerful web server in the industry) offer.


The integration between JetPay and Protivity allows our clients to process and manage payment transactions conveniently and securely.


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Symmetrical Solutions utilizes WorksRight Software which specializes in working with System i servers to provide address certification for Protivity.


Symmetrical Solutions has partnered with Y-USA......