Financial Development, Cash, Transactions & Billing

Handle every aspect of cash, transactions & billing with Integrated ‘Managers’


Financial Development Manager

  • Target champions of your organization
  • Manage volunteer and advocacy programs
  • Maintain and measure individual and team goals
  • Manage multiple financial development campaigns, matching gift programs, special events and grants.
  • Produce custom cultivation letters
  • Produce custom pledge cards
  • Produce custom acknowledgement letters
  • Produce custom pledge reminders

Financial Manager

  • Open architecture for Accounts Payable and General Ledger interface with third party systems
  • G/L Account number validation
  • Revenue tracking and reporting

Cash Manager

  • Manage cash receipts, confirmation notices and miscellaneous item sales
  • Print cashier reports
  • Allows for shift adjustments
  • Process payments including member statements and EFT
  • Process refunds and returns
  • POS credit card ability

Account/Activity Manager

  • View and manage centralized account and activity detail for all activities within a family unit.
  • Process changes to an activity's status, dates, times, financial transactions, etc.

Membership Manager

  • Create discounts for program registration.
  • Allow add-ons to memberships (i.e. for lockers, towel service)
  • Define multiple membership categories and rates
  • Electronic Funds Transfer capability
  • Manage and track subsidized memberships
  • Track vital sales and retention statistics
  • Produce custom due to renew notices

Program Manager

  • Online program registration
  • Childcare registration and billing with third party billing option

Executive Manager

  • Track key performance indicators in 7 topic areas; facility, cash, transactions, billing, membership, programs & development
  • Target 17 indicators and produce 76 summary level reports

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