Programs & Development

Take advantage of easy online program registration, participation records, enrollment tracking, volunteer and advocacy programs management with our Integrated ‘Managers’


Membership Manager

  • Full facility memberships
  • Program memberships that allow for discounts on program registration

Program Manager

  • Easy to Enroll™ online program registration
  • Create customized participant rosters
  • Track target enrollment
  • Create reports of program statistics
  • Utilize functionality for team sports/camp management with auto and manual assignments
  • Maintain waiting lists with auto notification for increasing program offerings
  • Housing registration to support hotel and lodging reservations

Financial Development Manager

  • Manage volunteer and advocacy programs
  • Maintain and measure individual and team goals
  • Manage multiple financial development campaigns, matching gift programs, special events and grants.
  • Produce custom cultivation letters
  • Produce custom pledge cards
  • Produce custom acknowledgement letters
  • Produce custom pledge reminders

Access Manager

  • Track facility usage to determine optimum programming schedules & determine high traffic days and times
  • Print member usage reports

Account/Activity Manager

  • View and manage centralized account and activity detail for all activities within a family unit.
  • Process changes to an activity's status, dates, times, financial transactions, etc.

Report Manager

  • Create custom reports using Report Output Builder (ROB) for program and campaign activities.
  • See Protivity's™ portfolio of core reports covering all functional areas and are available on demand for information where and when it is needed.
  • Export reports to a variety of PC formats including HTML to post on your organization web page.
  • Rest easy ‐ reports include integrated security to protect sensitive information

Executive Manager

  • Track key performance indicators in 7 Topic areas; Facility, Cash, Transactions, Billing, membership, Programs & Development

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